Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ordering Information

Hey everyone,
We got a huge bunch of orders lately and we're still in the process of setting up.
Post 8th April we will be free and so we will process them at that time. So please be patient! :D

Other than that, much more will be added to the product range, which was on sale at RGB 2011 but hasn't been added to the blog/facebook. So that will be up for you guys as well as a bunch of new products (MORE rings, NEW neckpieces, NEW badges and NEW earrings!). We will send you orders post putting these images up so that if your interested, they can be added to your shopping list.

However, just a few things we need to clear up,
1. Since we are based in Ahmedabad, order to other cities will have to be shipped/couriered.
2. Orders to cities other than Ahmedabad must be over Rs. 200/ -.
3. Please provide your mailing address. We will inform you of the shipping charges, status and time taken.
4. We accept online bank transfers.
5. Custom orders can be placed as well on a few items.

Once we get this up and ready, you guys will be in for a treat, we promise!

<3 <3 <3


  1. Awesome!! can't wait to get my order n really looking forward the new products!!